There are parts of you, here and there, scattered in the form of tiny minute pieces. Some shine gloriously in the abyss of the luminous day and some wither away in darkness, some fight bravely to make themselves feel alive, some hopelessly let themselves sink into self loathing. Some deal with the rain and storms and learn to dance while some just know the rainbows, unaware of the consequences. Some raise their voices to be heard, some use actions. Some innocent, fragile, too sensitive to the predation of reality and the conspiring world, a little too happy to know the bitter taste of pain, a little too optimistic for this pessimist of a world. Some as dark as hell, too beaten and torn up, with too little of a hope, too little of cracks to let the sunshine in, too little of life to ever be alive again. Some touches, some feel. Some see, some understand. Some walk, some run. Some shuts down, some wake up. Some shine, some radiate.

These parts, these tiny almosts, these parts that no one sees, or maybe you don’t let them see, these little tiny specs of existence, they make who you are. They make you, you. If they weren’t as half as beautiful as you are, you wouldn’t be half as beautiful as them. So if today, the world appreciates who you are, your strength, your grace, your success, your glory, tell them, “sometimes, the littlest things makes the biggest explosions”.

Just let them. 

Sometimes, dig up the ghosts of your past. Find some skeletons in the closet. Don’t shut them up, let them see light sometimes. Don’t be afraid, they won’t harm you anymore, they’ve already done their  damage, for now, they want to rest. Open the coffins, and set them free. Let them walk around like us human beings. Let them see that we are nothing different than them. We too are beaten, dead, rotten, abandoned and forgotten.

Let them smile at us while we hide behind confusion and delusion. Let them see the blinding light from above. Let them see that there is a place just as similar to theirs, let them see that they aren’t the only ones who are left in darkness.

Let them hold our hands and guide us, let them stare into our eyes and show us the truth. Let’s see if we can stare back at them without blinking. Let’s see are the heroes really brave or not.

Go, set them free, let them float above the surface and find release. Why should they be hidden somewhere deep down inside. Let them speak.

If freedom is painting red on your skin with a jagged edge, then let them find their own freedom. Let them let you go. Let them find their own rehabilitation, so you can find yours.

Let go. 

My mind’s in a constant conflict. A conflict between holding on and letting go. Sometimes, the poems, the stories that say that holding on is better, no sometimes they are wrong. Sometimes, letting go is good. Let go of something that threatens the person you are, it’s not good for your health. And I know, normally, they are the most beautiful pieces of your life but beauty has its price, and you’ve beared enough. Let go of it. Let go. 

This world will still spin, and the sun will shine, no matter what. You’ll be fine. Let go. 

Don’t fall for the eyes, don’t fall for the charms, don’t fall for the words, don’t fall at all. Everything that falls, will break. Let go for your sake. Let go. 

If he makes you walk the roads and lanes you never want to ever walk on. Let go. If he makes those old songs on your playlist painful to listen to. Let go. If he makes the pages on your journal hard to touch. Let go. If he paints your memories red. Let go. If he makes you anything you are not. LET GO

An unrequited love may scar you, but you, you’re a fighter, you’ll get through it, but don’t let it reach the point of destruction. A destructive love will kill you. Piece by piece. Don’t let it do that. Let go. Let go. 

DE-fault of the time. 

Sometimes, I wish life hadn’t gone so downhill at one point of time and I wish I had the strength to hold everything in place, I wish he had the strength to hold on a bit longer. 

You see, I don’t give up that easily. I don’t walk away when things are worse, especially when things are worse, but at that moment, that one exact moment, only that one time, I panicked, and I lost the one thing that mattered the most to me, something that could’ve been a beautiful something in the future. For now, I cannot name what it was. 

Every now and then, we speak. Maybe he doesn’t feel it, but I always find my self suppressing the feelings I should let free. One step forward makes me tremble, and I’m always looking for holes in the ground, just in case I step on one.

What I felt then was true, it was raw, it was new, and it was better than anything I’ve ever felt before. 

What I feel now is barely a feeling. It is selfish and it constantly relates itself to fear. 

Maybe if we met in another time, another world with another me and another you, I would’ve made things different. For now, I have to be content with watching you and your pictures wondering how I could’ve been the girl standing beside you. 

Until then, words are the only way I’ll reminisce you. 

One of these days. 

One of these days I am going to miss all of it. One of these days I am going to miss who I was. One of these I am going to miss looking at everything with new eyes. I am going to miss seeing the positivity in everything. One of these days I am going to miss being who I really am. One of these days I am going to miss being wild and free, feeling like nothing could stop me. One of these days I am going to miss my friends, the ones I have but are not too much in touch, the ones I’ve lost in a fight back in time, and the ones that left without a reason. One of these days I am going to miss the boy who nearly destroyed me, who changed my entire way of looking at love. One of these days I am going to miss the man who taught me to be me. One of these days I am going to miss the ones who never gave up on me, and the ones I’ve always tended to dislike for petty reasons. One of these days I will miss ignoring the silver linings on each cloud. One day I am going to miss all of these. But not today. Not now. Not at this moment. This moment, belongs completely to me, and I intend to deceive.

People like us. 

This is I think, the fault of humanity as to why good people aren’t appreciated and are not given what they deserve and the ones that are forced, rather condemned to have malicious intentions are treated with respect out of terror. The world isn’t only divided between the good and the evil, it has millions of categories and sub categories, but between the good and the evil lies the category called “supressed”. 

These are the people who have the potential to change outlooks and perspectives but are either too scared to bring their thoughts to their lips or are way too ignorant and  just let the situation be. It takes them too long to realize that they are the fire, and they are the ones that will burn brighter. The too good and the too bads are already categorized and written down with either their pros or their cons but the mediocres and the generals are uncategorized and with the correct spark, will create the biggest explosion. Change. This universe needs it. And I believe, people like us, the mediocres, we will bring the biggest change in the human history, whether history remembers us or not. 

It’s alright. Walk away. 

I think it’s okay if someone you genuinely like doesn’t like you back. It’s not their fault, neither is it yours. But if they treat you like some piece of shit, it’s better to never take that road again. I know how the world tells you to hold on and not be the same person as them, but honestly, putting yourself out there and literally getting punched in the face is not what you deserve. Walk away. It’s a great big world out there, and there is going to be so many people you’re going to like, so many people you’ll fall in love with. And I am sure you’ve stopped a lot of hearts when you walked by on the streets and you have no idea about it. Feeling unloved by someone doesn’t mean you’re unlovable. It’s just a state of mind, and you owe it to yourself to get out of that bubble and truly seek what you deserve. 

Don’t settle for things or people that pose a threat to the person you truly are, nobody’s worth that. You’re the only you. You are beautiful. If someone doesn’t see that it’s their loss, because if you see it from one perspective, they are the ones who lost more. They will always be the ones who will lose more. 


Someday this world will be a better place, a place where people could live like there’s no fear of oblivion. People could love freely, whenever and whoever they want without second thoughts and the agony of never having them to call their own. 
Someday we all will be united together on a happy note whether in the beginning or the ending. Someday dreams will be dreams, endless dreams. And not ambitions. They will be free and with a strong pair of wings to fly across the sky soaring like a bird and not trapped in a cage merely singing about things that could’ve been. 

Someday, the trees will speak, and the oceans will roar, the sky will send thunders across it. Someday everything will be alive. Someday,  everything will live and not just merely survive. Someday, even for a moment or maybe a lifetime, everything will be known and not just merely exist. 

This world could use some inspiration. 

This world needs something more than ideas. This world needs something more than love. This world needs something more than money and a great, stable economy. 

This world needs inspiration. 

People have become so dull and blunt along the road they chose to walk, always keeping one eye open just in case things change. This world could use some inspiration. This world could use a soul which sees through mediocrity and creates a revolution all by itself. You see, everyone is a potential explosion, they are made of gasoline and once they find their fire, they are going to burn to who they were meant to be, before the world told them who they should be. 

All they need to do is use some inspiration. 

And like all surprises, you’ll find them in places you never knew there could be. 

Do it. 

You see these words don’t mean anything. Everything they say, everything they do just goes into some sort of a void. They promise you a different person but then changes for worse. That’s how people roll, and that’s how you crumble. And it’s not fair. It’s not heroic to save other people from their misery, forget it if you’re doing it for the sake of getting a repay. Do it for humanity. Help people, rise above the mediocre, the generals, the scared, the broken hearted, the lonely, the dead men walking. Do it for the country, the people, the helpless. Do it for the damned and disheartened. Do it for the Earth, the ecology. Let them criticize, let them say what they say. Do it selflessly. 

Do it for you.